FLC - Florida Consumer Law
Florida Consumer Law - Serving Miami & All of Florida

I provide representation throughout Florida in the following areas of law:
  • Appeals
    • Flat Fee: $5,000 + costs (or $100.00 per hour + costs).
  • Bankruptcy
    • Flat Fee: $500 + costs (chapter 7 - no presumption of abuse)
    • Flat Fee: 1,500 + costs (chapter 13)
  • Condominium & HOA Law
    • Association Rate: $100.00 per hour + costs (many common tasks are flat fee & client phone calls are free).  Payment arrangements are available for struggling associations.
    • Owner Rate: case-by-case basis depending on complexity of case and likelihood of recovery.
  • Evictions
    • Flat Fee: $500 + Costs.  Discounted rates available for volume clients.
  • Fair Debt Collection Practices Act
    • No upfront fees or costs.
  • Fair Credit Reporting Act
  • First Amendment / Defamation Defense
  • Other Consumer Disputes

  Community Association Law 

The majority of my clients are owners who are in a dispute with their community association.  I also handle a select few associations that consist of boards (not unlike my own board) who are involved in their community, seek to do what is right, and what is best for their community.  Common types of disputes include:
  • Association Harassment
  • Failure to Maintain / Water Intrusion
  • First Amendment / Defamation Defense
  • Improper Fines or Assessments
  • Kickbacks / Embezzlement
  • Official Record's Requests
  • Property Damage / Tort Claims

I provide competent and honest representation at reasonable rates.  I may be able to defer payment of all or a portion of my attorney's fees until after the conclusion of your case. If you prevail at arbitration or litigation, you may be able to recover your attorney's fees and costs.










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