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I provide comprehensive legal advice and guidance to community associations and owners including review, revision, and advice with respect to governing documents and rules, contracts, finances, and board operations.  I understand the pressures of being on the board having first challenged my own condominium board both politically and via the courts and, after a two (2) year battle, was elected as president of my 355 unit condominium.  I know living in a community association is tough - both for the owners who are concerned about their homes and their investments and for the board who is making hard decisions for the benefit of the community.

The unique nature of community association law is that there are both good and bad boards and, conversely, good and bad owners.  Good boards and good owners deserve competent and affordable legal representation.  My approach to representation is fair and honest.  I try and balance the interests of both parties and I strive to reach a resolution that is fair.  Litigation is not always the answer.  Many disputes can be resolved with a frank discussion regarding the issues.  And, some issues are better left ignored or forgotten.  Many disputes may be valid, but are not worth pursuing. 

Whether the client is the association or the owner, the client must carefully pick and choose their battles.  A colorable legal argument may open the court doors, but sometimes the only person who gains a benefit is the attorney. 

I spend a lot of time providing free consultations and giving free legal advice to prospective clients because a good client is a client who understands the risks and benefits of a particular course of action before retaining an attorney to fight a legal battle.

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